decadnids – phatic musk 5 inch vinyl release

Phatic musk recently released a 5 inch vinyl record!

This is a hand lathe cut 5 inch record! that’s CD -sized. Cut by  With two tracks by decadnids . This was a response by Farmer Glitch for the Eastville Project Space CD vending machine. Strictly limited of 9, 5 for sale here and 3 in the physical vending machine. This is hand made, very limited and comes in a hand sprayed cd case with custom stickers.


phatic musk – some new releases

We’ve had two releases out on phatic musk  this past two months, which is amazing considering we’d previously done 1 a year!


Analog is a C40 release with the added bonus of receiving a vintage copy of Analog Sci-Fi zine to read whilst listening.

The Second release is in conjunction with a subscription service called . This release was limited to 5 mp3 players custom skinned loaded with over 14 hours of drones created by apkallu of enmerkar – the subscription service will be offering over 4 hours of new drones per month for the price of £3.  That’s a lot of drones for your pound!

Drones to Code By - apkallu of enmerkar

DTCB:07/15 by apkallu of enmerkar

Keep your ears peeled as there will be more releases coming up from phatic musk in the not so distant future!


ID Situations : Laica release phatic musk

ID Situation is dedicated to the millions of unknown faces caught on hours of grainy CCTV images every day, to all the footage that will be stored away and never looked at again, the boxes full of old VHS tapes of empty streets and hard drives loaded up with hidden shop corners


New release on phatic musk ID Situations by Laica –  with remixes by Production Unit (Broken 20)  and decadnids.

Following on from the Uschi-No-Michi release there was a bit of a challenge from a packaging design point of view – so we’ve gone ultra minimal and opted for a matt black bubble envelop with a clear sticker.


phatic musk :: Uschi-No-Michi :: Ameratsu

In 2004 I started pathmusick with alex cortex.  Our aim was to set up a net label that allowed artists to put out their material with freedom.  We trusted the artists we asked to join pathmusick so we had very few restrictions with regards to what they released.  Over the 9 years pathmusick has had well over 100 releases and the downloads are still going strong with around 1 new release per month.

Last year I decided I’d like to try to release some stuff in physical formats.  It was 10 years since the release of the hermetech records compilation Word Become Flesh, so time to give it another go!

I decided that pathmusick deserved a physical form and phatic musk was born.  The first release was going to be Uschi-No-Michi .  She’d previously released her Blue Light EP on pathmusick and had great downloads, and I really like her music.

I’ve always wanted to use old 8 inch floppy disk as a container for a 7 inch and thought it would be perfect for this release.  So after much searching I was able to find a good source of enough disks to use as packaging.  With the old hand written labels and the different company branding on the different disks, it makes for a one off package when hand stamped and numbered.

So, please go and buy the wonderful 7 inch single from here


Pathmusick :: 2012

This post is a long time coming.  It’s August already, and the new pathmusick site went live at the start of the year!

Pathmusick has been around since 2004, initially it was a free mp3 net label.  Times have changed, and so have attitudes, and as such we decided it would be much better if we put out releases as .flac files.  This gives people a better audio experience, and also uses a none proprietary audio format.

With the new site, comes some brilliant new releases.  Such as the Uschi-No-Michi Blue Lights EP, with remixes from Production Unit, Adrian Carter, and decadnids, plus a brand new track by Uschi-No-Michi.



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