Illustration: Dials gauges and meters

While looking through work I produced for Kerb a couple of years ago I came across an e-learning project I worked on – Kerb were commissioned to produce a set of interactive screen based tools to educate drivers on efficient driving techniques. Below is a set of dials gauges and meters I produced which were used throughout the project.

I am usually a little disparaging about my own commercial work when I look back at it but I really like these illustrations. Minimal in the approach and execution with a simple colour palette. Nice.


The Monarch’s Way: Sussex

The Monarch’s Way is a route that Charles II took when escaping from Oliver Cromwell after the Battle of Worcester in 1651. liquid glitter case iphone 6 Part of this route is along the South Downs. iphone 8 plus case card holder For more information visit – A group of us decided to spend one night camping and two days walking part of the Monarch’s Way, fortnite iphone 8 case starting from Amberley and ending in Shoreham-by-Sea. iphone 8 sonix case We lo-impact camped on the South Downs using Hammocks, Tarps and Bivvi Bags. Photographs taken with a Holga, iphone 8 plus case tech 21 shot on out of date Velvia film, rugged case iphone 7 X processed.

Under a Clear Blue Sky

The two images are taken from – they show satellite images of Great Britain, the one on the left is dates 17/04/2010 the one on the right is dates 22/04/2010. iphone 7 plus snakeskin case The difference being, the one on the left was during the Flight Ban of UK (and Northern Europe) Airspace due to the Ash cloud generated by volcano Eyjafjallajokull, the one on the right being the day the flight ban was lifted and flights started. iphone 6 360 case gold We had a wonderful opportunity for people to look into the skies and witness first hand what it is like when no commercial air flights occur. iphone 8 themed case When I mentioned it to people they were quite shocked at how they had not realised the level of air traffic that occurs over Great Britain. iphone 7 case otterbox folio They looked up in wonder at the clear blue sky with NO clouds what so ever. iphone 6 phone case Generally when it is a lovely clear day you will still see trails (and persistent cirrus cloud formation) from the planes. travel iphone 6 phone case The satellite image on the right clearly shows the contrails and cirrus cloud formation due to these trails. positive vibes iphone 6 case I can’t help to believe that the level of air traffic and the cirrus clouds that are created by commercial planes must cause an affect on weather systems and on the planet as a whole.

Fungi Foraging

This has to be my favourite time of year. iphone 7 space phone cases As summer changes into autumn we get a glut of fungi for our gastronomic edification. eminem phone case iphone 6 Foraging for wild mushrooms has to be one of my favourite past-times, when a walk becomes more than a walk, but an excuse to go and find all those tasty treats that mother nature has to offer. hard back phone case iphone 6

A collection of mushrooms

This year has been very good for fungi. iphone 8 plus case car I’ve managed to find a good amount of some of my favourite mushrooms, such as Ceps – Penny Bun (Boletus edulis), Bay Bolete (Boletus badius), Chantarelle (Cantharellus cibarius), Hedgehog Fungus (Hydnum repandum), Giant Puffball (Calvatia gigantea) and the Parasol (Macrolepiota procera). iphone 7 phone cases cars The pleasure in spotting any of these (especially the Cep and Chantarelle) when out foraging is something to behold.

A lovely Cep

When you get a glut of such beauties it is hard to eat them all with out spoiling – so the best thing is to find means of preservation. Generally when it comes to Chantarelles I never find enough to warrant preserving, so eat them as soon as possible, and as simply as possible. This could be frying them in butter and having on toast, or including them in an omlette. iphone 7 plus qi case With a good haul of Ceps, drying is the best policy. The method I use is to put them on racks and place them somewhere that has a dry heat, to let them dry out slowly, once dried I place them into old jam jars and keep in a dark place. They then can be used at a later date. disney rubber phone case iphone 7 Another method we have used this year is to make a mushroom source and then freeze in ice-cube trays, once frozen placed into bags and stored in the freezer. I am not going to cover the ins and outs of mushroom identification on this blog post, but would recommend looking at Rogers Philips Mushrooms.