Sovereign Hunt

Sovereign Hunt

This is a Tin.  This is a gold half sovereign.

I have hidden this tin.  I’ll leave a series of clues.  Finders keepers.

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My new keyboard

My WASD Keyboard next to the inspirational Amstrad CPC464

I spend a great deal of my time typing.  As a programmer that’s what I do.  So it’s incredibly important that I have a keyboard that helps me with typing.  I’ve had a few mechanical keyboards in the past, and I’ve been pretty pleased with them.  But the other day I decided to treat myself to a wasd keyboard. The main reason I went with them was due to how customisable your keyboard – and I have for ages wanted a keyboard that was a homage to my very first computer – the Amstrad CPC 464.

I chose to have Cherry MX Brown switched in the keyboard so that they were a bit less clicky, and less noisy – so my typing wouldn’t annoy people too much when I worked in shared spaces.

Its a total joy to type on the new keyboard – it’s amazing how the tactile and audio feedback can really help with typing.  I’ve noticed just within a day of using it that my typing speed has increased.

I use this keyboard with a mac, and Karabiner to map some keys, and here is a gist so that was needed to map the Backquote (`) to the Backslash (\) – as I’ve decided to keep the keyboard pretty much using the standard PC layout.

I’d urge anyone who does a lot of typing to invest in a decent keyboard – it’s so easy to pick up a cheap keyboard and then forget that when you’re typing away on it how horrible it really is.  If you’re using a tool every day then it’s sensible to have one that makes you more productive.

There are other companies that make great mechanical keyboards, but I have to say WASD Keyboards’ service was second to none!.


Why I’ve moved over to Atom Editor

I spend a great deal of my time typing.  I spend a great deal of my time editing text files. I’m a programmer – a text editor is essential.  My brain is too small for me to use Vi / Vim or Emac, I just can’t remember the key bindings.  But it’s essential for me to have a light weight editor that keeps out of the way but is extensible and has a rich eco-system of plugins / packages.

I used to use Sublime Text, I loved it – it was neat and it kept out of the way and let me edit files and program.  Then along came Atom . At first it was a bit clunky, and too slow – but over time the development cycle of it has made it as good as Sublime – and the package eco-system has grown with people porting their Sublime packages over to Atom.  I feel bad that I am no longer using Sublime Text (I paid for a license after all) – but the thing that got me worried was that Sublime Text was a proprietary product and it just wasn’t being updated.  Atom is rolling out patches and updates all the time, and as it’s Open Source (here is the source), it means that there is a good chance that even if Github decide not to actively support it in the future there will be enough people who want to carry on with the project.

It took me a little while to pluck up the courage to abandon Sublime Text – as I had got so used to it, but Atom is similar enough to Sublime to make the transition almost seamless.


decadnids – phatic musk 5 inch vinyl release

Phatic musk recently released a 5 inch vinyl record!

This is a hand lathe cut 5 inch record! that’s CD -sized. Cut by  With two tracks by decadnids . This was a response by Farmer Glitch for the Eastville Project Space CD vending machine. Strictly limited of 9, 5 for sale here and 3 in the physical vending machine. This is hand made, very limited and comes in a hand sprayed cd case with custom stickers.


phatic musk – some new releases

We’ve had two releases out on phatic musk  this past two months, which is amazing considering we’d previously done 1 a year!


Analog is a C40 release with the added bonus of receiving a vintage copy of Analog Sci-Fi zine to read whilst listening.

The Second release is in conjunction with a subscription service called . This release was limited to 5 mp3 players custom skinned loaded with over 14 hours of drones created by apkallu of enmerkar – the subscription service will be offering over 4 hours of new drones per month for the price of £3.  That’s a lot of drones for your pound!

Drones to Code By - apkallu of enmerkar

DTCB:07/15 by apkallu of enmerkar

Keep your ears peeled as there will be more releases coming up from phatic musk in the not so distant future!