My WASD Keyboard next to the inspirational Amstrad CPC464

I spend a great deal of my time typing.  As a programmer that’s what I do.  So it’s incredibly important that I have a keyboard that helps me with typing.  I’ve had a few mechanical keyboards in the past, and I’ve been pretty pleased with them.  But the other day I decided to treat myself to a wasd keyboard. The main reason I went with them was due to how customisable your keyboard – and I have for ages wanted a keyboard that was a homage to my very first computer – the Amstrad CPC 464.

I chose to have Cherry MX Brown switched in the keyboard so that they were a bit less clicky, and less noisy – so my typing wouldn’t annoy people too much when I worked in shared spaces.

Its a total joy to type on the new keyboard – it’s amazing how the tactile and audio feedback can really help with typing.  I’ve noticed just within a day of using it that my typing speed has increased.

I use this keyboard with a mac, and Karabiner to map some keys, and here is a gist so that was needed to map the Backquote (`) to the Backslash (\) – as I’ve decided to keep the keyboard pretty much using the standard PC layout.

I’d urge anyone who does a lot of typing to invest in a decent keyboard – it’s so easy to pick up a cheap keyboard and then forget that when you’re typing away on it how horrible it really is.  If you’re using a tool every day then it’s sensible to have one that makes you more productive.

There are other companies that make great mechanical keyboards, but I have to say WASD Keyboards’ service was second to none!.