In 2004 I started pathmusick with alex cortex. Our aim was to set up a net label that allowed artists to put out their material with freedom. We trusted the artists we asked to join pathmusick so we had very few restrictions with regards to what they released. Over the 9 years pathmusick has had well over 100 releases and the downloads are still going strong with around 1 new release per month. iphone 8 ted baker case mirror Last year I decided I’d like to try to release some stuff in physical formats. It was 10 years since the release of the hermetech records compilation Word Become Flesh, so time to give it another go! I decided that pathmusick deserved a physical form and phatic musk was born. The first release was going to be Uschi-No-Michi . ringke iphone 6 case She’d previously released her Blue Light EP on pathmusick and had great downloads, and I really like her music. karapax iphone x case I’ve always wanted to use old 8 inch floppy disk as a container for a 7 inch and thought it would be perfect for this release. canvas iphone 6 case So after much searching I was able to find a good source of enough disks to use as packaging. iphone 7 dual case With the old hand written labels and the different company branding on the different disks, it makes for a one off package when hand stamped and numbered.