Open Sussex has teamed up with the Empty Shop Network to create a new web site called Spare Place

A map of spaces across the UK which can be used for temporary and pop-up projects: it includes empty shops, church halls, fields, shopping precincts and old offices. iphone 7 plus case black sparkle All spaces can be legally occupied by agreement with the owner. floating glitter iphone 8 case It’s not a comprehensive map of every empty shop or derelict building across the UK. It’s a crowdsourced guide to interesting, unusual and underused places that are available and ready to go.

The site is currently in beta testing stage. We wanted to get it live because we wanted people to add their places, and see if the resource was used and adopted by people. butterfly phone case iphone 6 From a development point of view both Open Sussex and the Empty Shop Network felt it was important to get the site live and people using it rather than spending months and months putting together a detailed specification only to find out no-one actually wanted to use it. xdoria iphone 6 case We hope that people will start adding their places. gadgeo iphone 6 case We hope that Spare Place will encourage people to add more interesting locations for people to use for art spaces, workshops, community resources, fun days and events. iphone 6 spigen thin fit case We also hope that it will encourage people to start to look at the spaces around them and see them in a different light, and start using them. If you know of any interesting spare places , or know people who might be in the know then please spread the word.