Most comic geeks will probably be familiar with Barry Windsor Smith from his Weapon X series featuring Wolverine (Which Smith both drew and scripted) and from his work on Conan. I came by Smith via another route: Machine Man. Specifically a four issue series set in an alternative future scripted by Tom DeFalco with art by Barry Windsor Smith and Herb Trimpe. The series is now probably now more well known for its depiction of an ‘evil’ future Iron Man, Arno Stark.

Apart from a now very crispy Daredevil collected trade I have from 1988, my Machine Man collected trade is my oldest comic book (apart from some Asterix comics I have – sadly I lost what 2000AD comics I had). Why do I love it so much? Mainly because I think robots are cool – and Barry Windsor Smith draws cool robots.

Smith also drew a one issue epilogue to Iron Man’s original ‘Armour Wars’ series. Worth checking out if you like his stuff.

Please enjoy these four covers that make up the series, first published in 1984:

Machine Man one

Machine Man two

Machine Man three

Machine Man four