Here we have the new album from electronic musicians The Black Dog. I managed to download the release (bought digital version from their digital store — click ) and I am not disappointed.

In the past I was a huge fan of all things ambient.  Spending many an hour listening to albums by such artists as Pete Namlook, the Irresistible Force, The Orb and the likes.  It’s been a long time since I delved back into the world of ambient music and I have to say that Music For Real Airports is a perfect place to revisit the genre.  The album itself takes you on a journey, compelling you to listen from start to finish (something that seems to have been lost in this digital world of mp3’s and play-lists, something I really miss), it does credit to The Black Dog that they have managed to create such a voyage within this album.

The album was created from some 200 hours of field recordings captured during touring.  And you can hear the ambient textures as a back drop to subtle electronic melodies and beats.  This album really does capture the experience of modern day air travel, with moments of anxiety and elements of the mundane (not that the music is mundane, but it invokes the feeling of waiting and the drudgery with in a terminal).

Because the album is mixed continuously, there are no breaks between the tracks – to some extent it doesn’t really matter about the track titles themselves (but if you check them you’ll see they outline a journey in itself from start to finish, with titles such as – M1, Passport Control, Strip Light Hate and finishing back at the Business Car Park), one track that really captured my attention, even sending tingles down my spine, was Delay 9.  This track stands out with it’s melodies and it’s melancholy it ticked all the right boxes for me when it comes to emotional content within music.

I’ll leave the commentary with regards to the comparison with Eno’s 70’s album, Music for Airports, as plenty of other blogs and reviews have done this.  For those who love electronic music go buy this album.  I look forward to trying to catch one of the live shows.