The two images are taken from – they show satellite images of Great Britain, the one on the left is dates 17/04/2010 the one on the right is dates 22/04/2010.  The difference being, the one on the left was during the Flight Ban of UK (and Northern Europe) Airspace due to the Ash cloud generated by  volcano Eyjafjallajokull, the one on the right being the day the flight ban was lifted and flights started.

We had a wonderful opportunity for people to look into the skies and witness first hand what it is like when no commercial air flights occur.  When I mentioned it to people they were quite shocked at how they had not realised the level of air traffic that occurs over Great Britain.  They looked up in wonder at the clear blue sky with NO clouds what so ever.  Generally when it is a lovely clear day you will still see trails (and persistent cirrus cloud formation) from the planes.  The satellite image on the right clearly shows the contrails and cirrus cloud formation due to these trails.

I can’t help to believe that the level of air traffic and the cirrus clouds that are created by commercial planes must cause an affect on weather systems and on the planet as a whole.

Will we ever see such clear skies over Great Britain again?