When 20three had it’s first incarnation around 2000 we produced a short run of t-shirts that we mainly gave away to friends and clients. Now that this site lives on in blog format I thought it would be a good idea to resurrect some of our old design work and produce a couple of prototype t-shirts. I didn’t want to create ‘new’ designs – rather I wanted to give some of our old design & illustration work another lease of life. A bit like this website. Rinse the past.

These shirts were printed at a Brighton copy shop using heat transfers – not the greatest quality but good enough to get an idea of how the shirts could look.

This design I originally produced for the cover of a 12″ record sleeve for Hermetech Records around 2002. As the 12″ cover was intended to be screen printed by hand the design was a simple two colour job – perfect for a t-shirt. The two images I ripped off appropriated for the design came from this book: Animals 1,419 Copyright Free Illustrations of Mammals, Birds, Fish, Insects, etc (Great title).

T shirt design based on Hermetech 12" sleeves.

The Original design:

Hermetech 12" cover, 2002

Hermetech 12" covers, 2002

This second design was created from collages made from the ‘positives’ we used for our first hand-screenprinted t-shirt run – so I am effectively mashing up the original t shirt designs to produce this one.

T shirt design based on collages

Original design/collage:

Sketchbook collage, 2002