There was a report in the Independent news paper regarding that there is talk of a debate about if the Swine flu pandemic and how influential pharmaceutical companies were with the campaign.

A key European Union body is considering an investigation into the role of drug companies in the World Health Organisation’s swine flu campaign. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (Pace) has had a request to hold an emergency debate this month on the “influence” of pharmaceutical groups on the WHO’s efforts to inform governments on the dangers of an H1N1 pandemic.

The WHO’s “false pandemic” flu campaign is “one of the greatest medicine scandals of the century,” claimed Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, chairman of the PACE Health Committee. A number of drugs companies have made hundreds of millions of pounds after governments across the globe submitted orders for millions of doses of specialist vaccine and treatments. The number of swine flu deaths is dramatically lower than initial predictions had forecast.

It was so out in the open regarding the UK Governments plans to regarding the tonic they planned for the pharmaceutical companies – a blog post was made here –

This isn’t conspiracy theory, this is just shows how the big pharmas have power within the political system.  It’s purely consumerism and capitalism gone crazy.  Which makes you wonder exactly what other elements of consumerism and marketing are the big pharmas involved in?  They don’t want people well, they require people to consume their products!