I guess a blog that is titled 20three (23) should eventually have a topic on the Illuminati.  The reason this blog is called 20three is mainly due to the fact that we had a ltd company of the same name, and the name came about because we wanted to call the company a number and owen came up with 23 (he was unaware at the time that I was massively influenced by the number 23 – mainly due to the written works of Robert Anton Wilson and William Burroughs).  So there you go.  If you’ve spotted the link between the mentioned authors and the number and the Illuminati then you might as well carry on reading.

The Illuminati fascinate me – the term meaning enlightened – they were an organisation set up by Adam Weishaupt , in May 1st 1776 in Bavaria.  It was essentially a “secret society”.  It would seem the society was set up by free thinkers, an off shoot of the Enlightenment movement.

Now, the name has a much more sinister connotation.  Now the Illuminati represents the ruling elite, the power that be , the NWO (New World Order), Lizards or anything else that might be “those who are in control of your mind!!!”

I find it quite fascinating that the Illuminati has become so demonised (much like I find it fascinating that the Knights Templar are also so demonised… and lets not forget the Freemasons!).  People such as David Icke maintain that the Illuminati has survived as a secret society and are essentially controlling world events.  There is a quote (and I forget the source) – “the history of the world, is the history of the warfare between secret societies”.  Now, I am not entirely convinced by the whole Illuminati / New World Order Conspiracy “thing”.

Robert Anton Wilson wrote a great deal relating to the Illuminati, and true to his character he seemed to have a positive outlook on the Illuminati.  but now the Illuminati are essentially those who pull the strings!  There is no escaping this, if you say you’re sympathetic of the Illuminati you will be branded a shill!

After investigating an entirely (well I thought entirely) different thing I re entered the current conspiracy world, after being absent for about 10 years.  I have found that not a great deal has changed, lots of hair brained theories, paranoid plots and stories and half baked ideas that have very little proof or evidence to back them up (I’ll post about this other research at a later date).  The incredible overlying influence is that of the NWO/ Illuminati and any other aspect of the murky world of global conspiracy and historical organisations and secret societies (so secret that everyone is talking about them on the internet…)  I believe William Burroughs once said “Exterminate all rational thought” – that certainly seems to be what is going on within the forums and blogs of the anti-NWO and truthers.  In fact there seems to be so much discussion about all this stuff that any real important matter seems to be drowned out by the noise!  The internet has a lot to answer for!

What I find at odds with it all is that a lot of people would see me as being more on the side of the NWO than any other side due to my interest in the occult, magick, and mysticism.  And a lot of what I read from the anti-NWO side seems to stem from, either subconsciously or consciously,  fundamental christianity and far right political activity in the USA.

So, exterminate all rational thought, get your tin foil hat out and enter the murky work of the current conspiracy theory world!  But as Robert Anton Wilson once said, about Gurdjeiff “Don’t take things too serious” – or as RAW claims “Don’t take things to Sirius” <fnord>0