It looks like Jack Straw has seen some sense (or was worried that too many people had discovered the hidden agenda in the Coroners and Justice Bill) and backed down. iphone 7 case versace antigravity phone case for iphone 6 iphone 6 plus cases rubber pink iphone x case apple iphone silicone case 7 Link to Article in Independent The Clause in question would have essentially allowed any Minister to – take any information gathered for one purpose from anywhere, iphone 7 case for cards and use it for any other purpose. indestructible phone case iphone 7 ariel iphone 7 case iphone 7 plus case microfiber iphone 6 hard case black iphone 7 phone case hamilton This would go against the Data Protection Act. iphone 7 metal phone cases iphone 7 plus slim charger case iphone 6 case minion sparkle phone case iphone 7 plus bmw iphone 8 caseClick here for some more information. iphone 7 tech 21 case iphone 8 case otter fairy phone case iphone 6 iphone 6 leather case blue tortoise phone case iphone 7 plus This was a topic that I was particularly interested in, baby bottle iphone 7 plus case and as such I used the website to send a quick letter to my local MP – Mr Andrew Smith. iphone 6 cover case black iphone 7 phone cases builder iphone 6 tan leather case tinkerbell iphone 7 plus case gadgeo iphone 6 plus case Who replied within a week expressing his concern with the clause.