The newspapers have their pictures, what they needed for some good “coverage” – essentially, people smashing the windows of RBS.  It’s odd how pretty much all the other Banks had their windows boarded up, and that the police seemed to have allowed the protesters to have access to RBS.  if you look at any of the news coverage of the windows being smashed, there is a semi-circle of photographers crowded around.  There are more of them than actual protesters.  It stinks of media nonsense and sensationalism to get something they believe to be “news” worthy.

If you follow this link provided by the BBC you can see the incident.  If you look at 30 seconds into the video clip, you can see the whole “window smashing”.  Hardly an unruly mob!  The “protesters” seem to be taking it in turns to smash the window, and to pose for the waiting cameras.

The media build up to the protests in London was interesting.  The Police informing the public that there would be violence, but considering the number of people involved in the protests the level of “violence” was rather small – in fact a lot less than happens at some football matches!  It was a none event!  I can see why the photographers wanted to have something worthy!