Article in Public Service (an information portal for the public sector) reports that the identity minister Meg Hillier has admitted that the government did not make its reasons for identity cards “clear enough”.

There seems to be a lot of reports in the press regarding the disatisfaction with the Identity Card Scheme and the Governments desire to keep closer tabs on the citizens of the Unitied Kingdoms.

Last month there was increased pressure on the Government to make available the 2003 ID cards Gateway Review (click here) .  The Information Tribunals latest ruling was for the Government to make this review available after 28 days – that was around 20 days ago – we shall see in the next week or so if the Government will do this, or if they will continue to hide the information.

There seems to be very little evidence that the ID card Scheme will deliver what the Government claims it will – considering the track record of this Government with IT projects, the only outcome that is certain is that the ID card Scheme and the National Identity register will cost the tax payer an incredible amount of money; and that our data will not be safe in the hands of the “power that be”.

Visit for more information regarding what you can do to get involved to fight the ID card Scheme and the National Identity Register.